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Frequently Asked Questions

Malaysia has numerous types of accommodation available, from low-budget apartments in the suburbs, to luxury condominiums in the city centre, to community guarded houses with gardens and swimming pools. There is something to suit every lifestyle and budget. For the best recommendations on your new neighbourhood, please give our team a call.

There are a number of international schools in most of Malaysia's major cities, with many international schools sending their students onto top universities around the globe. Although these tend to follow either the British or American education systems, you can also find schools that follow the Australian, German, Japanese, French, Indian and Indonesian curriculum.

There are a number of first-rate private hospitals and GP services in Malaysia that are comparable with those in the most developed countries. All doctors in Malaysia are fully qualified and speak English, and Malaysia is quickly gaining an international reputation as a medical destination.

Note: It’s best to check with your medical insurance provider to establish which their preferred hospitals are in advance

Yes, the water in Malaysia is perfectly safe. Nonetheless, most Malaysians either boil or filter their water before drinking it. For convenience sake, many people choose to drink distilled water from a water supplier's dispenser.

Malaysian cuisine reflects the country's multi-ethnic, multicultural population with Malay, Indian and Chinese style eateries in abundance and Western food also easily available. From simple hawker stalls and coffee shops, to fast food outlets, to modest restaurants and fine dining establishments in five star hotels, Malaysia has it all. If you’re a keen chef in your own kitchen, supermarkets cater for most needs and stock many internationally recognised brands.

Yes, many expatriates choose to drive for convenience, although they will be quick to advise you of the slightly chaotic driving style. Other options are to hire a driver to drive your personal car, use public transport or commute via taxi. We make sure we are kept up to date with the requirements for your driving licenses, get in touch with our team for more details.

Malaysia has crime like any other country, the most common types of crime being purse snatching, pick pocketing and credit card fraud. It’s best to be aware of these crimes and remain vigilant when in secluded areas or areas highly populated with tourists. To newcomers, we would suggest opting to reside in a condominium or gated and guarded communities for security and peace of mind.